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Own your Content

Blogging/Publishing Steps:

  1. Complete your blog, video, pictures and other content publish.
  2. Write a tease to your content for twitter, I use twitter since it is de-facto for the short summary.
  3. Link to your content that you own on your own property: Google+FacebookTwitter, Evernote, etc...

Read below to see why I choose these steps when it comes to publishing content.

After thinking for sometime about starting to record and share my thoughts with others I needed to make a choice on the medium. I have used Evernote to store my notes and instructions but this is more of a create and store with authorization. I still use it to keep my scrambled thoughts and quick notes.

I knew that I would be recording my technical steps and info when developing code and some technical ideas like this one.

So I considered Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc... but the one thing all these platforms have in common you do not own the data. I do not care how evil or not evil these services are now in the future maybe they loose your content maybe decide to change or alter it or use it for advertisement for some sex toy who knows the possibilities are endless.

So I decided to own my data by paying a small fee to host my own site which offers blog's and other out of the box services.

This is my day job but after the end of day the last thing I want to do is the samething I do for work. I would rather hack and develop on my pet projects instead of managing a website.