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Registering WebCenter Portal Custom Taskflow 

These steps are only needed if for some reason like I find a conflict or a mapping problem occurs and the task-flow-registry.xml file is the not picked up by the portal meta data management service.

After you create your own bounded taskflow, register and deploy to your webcenter portal weblogic server.

Look at your taskflow definition from your bounded taskflow in the below example my definition is called customflow.xml. Then find your id of your taskflow mine is customid then use this to fill in the url attribute example would be “taskflow://WEB-INF/customflow.xml#customid”.

Change up the value fields as you wish for display purposes when you add the following task to the Resource Catalog.

### example entry ##

 <folder id="newfolderid">

            <attribute attributeId="IconURI"
            <attribute attributeId="Title" value="My Custom Taskflows"/>
id="customtask" name="customname" url="taskflow://WEB-INF/customflow.xml#customid">
                  <attribute attributeId="Title" value="Custom Taskflow Title"/>

## end of example ##       

After you change the above xml to match your taskflow definition log in as an administrator in your webcenter portal. Then go to the Resource tab and click on the Resource Catalogs item under the Structure section.


1. If you have not already you need to copy the Default Space Catalog and name it what you want.

2. Then select the new catalog and click the edit button then select edit source.

3. Find an existing url tag and paste your changed above xml from folder to folder tags above one of the existing url tags.

4. Then just change your default resource catalog for the space you want to use your new taskflow.

Picture of added folder in visual edit mode of the resource catalog view.

 Here is a picture of the finished component added to my personal space page.


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Supreme Court has Ruled: Obamacare is Constitutional. I will not claim to understand what the total impact will be to all parties involved. I do have some ideas how technology can connect the Patient to the Doctor in a better way and help solve some of the requirements that exist in the new law which is actually called “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA).

Lets take a scenario of a patient being diagnose with Diabetes. This patient will need to have a more comprehensive management plan for their blood work, diet, exercise and other aspects of their lives.
My solution for the patient is a simple personal journal/log that allows the user to upload the results of various everyday tests and log their daily routine, making ease of use be the priority for the design. The application will allow the user to incorporate already established social media platforms to help with social support and in conjunction with tracking users everyday activities.
The solution for the Doctor and Hospital is more extensive. This data will be correlated with many data points to help target and flag the particular patient in the system when certain rules and AI learning deems the patient needs to have more advanced coaching to stay healthy.

iOS great or tolerated

I got a chance last night to use a iPad last night. Let me state this up front I love android but admit it always needs work. OK with that said is this not the case with iOS users? Do the iOS users are that committed to apple that they do not demand better or have they drank the kool aid? I only say this since last night it was stated my top task bar goes away when I use safari, the geek in me said give me that iPad I am sure I can fix it. Well last I heard its still hiding the taskbar. So if you know how to keep it showing please comment but come on it should not be this hard? I would be demanding this from android why not iOS or is it that you sign a contract to not complain but worship this interface?