DavidWidgets Android Project

I have decided to take some of my code that I use on my own projects in Google Play and create a Library so they can be used in others projects. 

I also look forward to others inputs, code contributions please feel free to add to my code and request a pull request. I am excited to see what others think and to learn from others too.


Participant Content Context Switching PCCS

Definition: The act of disengaging from a piece content that a viewer or active participant were currently captivated by. The content usually but not exclusive to; video, webpage or interactive game.
Descriptions of PCCS: A player of Angry Birds stops playing by clicking on the popup advertisement that caught the users interest. A viewer of a TV show when an advertisement starts switches to view another channel during that commercial, this is not to be confused with channel surfing where a viewer is constantly changing channels from becoming disinterested in the current program. A viewer of a show, stream or video during that instance the user interacts with a responsive advertisement placed within the show.


I fix my dev environment for fun @%$#


The Best New WebBrowser

Ok this might be a catchy headline but I have been stating this for sometime and now I have decided to call it out in print.

Your iPhone and Android device, why you say? Well it is because most of your always connected devices have a new type of 'smart hyperlink' © which equals your connected application you downloaded or have pre-loaded on your device.

The popular format to transmit content back and forth to your new browser is JSON, how this data is displayed is dependent on your specific browsers. An example would be Google Calendar this specific browser presents data in one specific view and you smart hyperlink © when clicked launches that application or smart browser and displays the data in a known a familiar calendar view to you.

People can say well there are many games that do not need to be connected after downloaded to be played, which is correct which I say these games are only cached smart interactive views which if you have angry birds or other applications see that the cached games gets updated almost daily.

So this makes me very excited about the future and why I have been into mobile handhelds since the Palm 7 with the very cool flip antenna which for some reason was not a chic magnet.


The new peer programming (Google Glass)

I have to admit I got this idea when watching a video example of a instructor showing his method to draw a picture. The video was from the perspective from his eye since he was recording from Google Glass.
My idea is to use Google Glass with developers remote and local blended. This is only one way how an experienced developer may be remote and the junior onsite developers can be local working more direct with the client and giving solid help from the more senior developer who is remote.
Another way could be a local onsite senior developer with a group of offshore working to produce the solution under the direction of the onsite developer lead.
I think this style of development has a potential to work and here is why I think it will, I have with moderate success worked with voip and screen share and another developer, but something always seemed missing and I would get frustrated not knowing is the developer working or stuck etc.. There is something about seeing the constant view of what the other person is looking at that keeps it more connected and real that glass will bring to just voice and screen share. I understand you have to look away for a break or check email on another screen, these unannounced pauses and quite periods can causes a disconnect between the members of the joint session. I think this more connected interaction with glass and hangouts will add to the productivity and might be that missing piece that I get when doing the tradditional screen share and voip!
Now my disclaimer! you have to have a team that can work in peer programming environment, in my tenure I have come across multiple personalities and team dimensions and with out a peer programming team this will not work.
I could see this being a bigger idea where a collective group of ace developers offer time packages to companies for this scheduled peer remote mentoring. To think about it even at $1500 for google glass, it could be passed around to multiple developers on different days. Maybe this could be a scheduling and bidding service where the expert mentor and his reviews can command big bucks to tackle your hard coding problems??