Microstack Developer
Friday, November 30, 2018 at 06:13PM
David Parry

Definition of Microstack: A set of Microservices developed to provide a coherent set of API's, UI/UX, Security and bridging legacy systems.

The popularity of Microservices has grown and many large companies have started to adopt Microservices. There are many books, blogs and opinions... on Microservices and their implementation. I have been using the term Microstack, to address the fact that the past traditional Fullstack way of development does not cut it. A colleague of mine never heard this before and has encouraged me to describe it. Hence the definition in this blog post to capture what I believe is the coining of the term Microstack.

In my own experiences in deploying the complete solution of Microservices there is a growing need for the Development, Architecture and Devop teams to work together to produce a complete deployable solution for Production. This new type of Microstack Team will address the needs of the stack to make a Production Product successful.

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