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WCP = Single pane of glass for end users.
1. Responsive design templates, and ability to create specific templates for targeted mobile device page variant is key for targeting.

WCC = mobile
1. Has mobile applications for iPhone and android.
2. New responsive traditional web UI to edit documents.
3. Ability to have a more personal content management than can share, meaning very smooth workflow and collaboration of content before going live.
4. Web UI looks like dropbox, oracle now has document service in the cloud probably reason for Dropbox look.
5. On premise WCC syncs with the cloud, nice idea to do on premise then when approved deploy to cloud service for sharing let oracle handle the load i.e. CDN for your documents.

ADF , Meta Data Service MDS*, customizations and extensions
1. Layered customizations
2. Can do personalizations for end user.
3. Repository = File classpath or DB
4. Context gets setup to get from MDS get merged XML to display to user.
5. Patch safe since customizations are separate from base xml
6. Sandbox for customizations fork of the main line i.e context were others can hare too.
7. MDS labels to publish a set of changes to production (customization set)
8. Good idea for layers: Global,Site,Role,User,country,organization,internal/external,job role.
9. MDS ties to ADF resource bundles for internationalization.
10. DTRT api to allow run time customizations.

Building ADF team the journey
3.oracle fusion developer guide
4.oracle.com/usableapps. ***

Team roles:
Adf team lead
Add developer
Skin developer
Database developer
Java expert
JSF expert

Types of teams due to adf shared libraries.
UI teams (mobile)
Soa layer

Cloud Developer Services (big push for oracle)
Make sure ADFLogger is being used.
support note 971256.1 to get add source code.

1. Create base classes
2. Develop templates
3. Build declarative components
4. Distribute via ADF libraries
5. Agree upon - and enforce naming conventions

Adf YouTube channel:YouTube.com/user/ADFInsiderEssentials

Architecture questions:
Team size,skill capability
One vs multiple appa
One vs multi-page apps
Level of software reuse
Sequential vs parallel development
Application customization
Legacy application modernization
Integrating mobile

Webcenter Portal direction:
Multi-Channel,Consumerization,Cloud -> road map
Focus- Worker Productivity and Mobility.

Targeting devices is the key push for webcenter portal.
Native application through rest services.

ADF adaptive thoughts:
1.Simplicity vs flexibility the conundrum for ADF.
2. El expression to access passed in variables from the bounded taskflow to generify page and BC components like names of data controls etc...
3. DynamicComponent is out of the box dynamic component allows for CRUD without having to do all the messy coding works with many different components through tree binding like a drop down box. Attribute model is key DC to show hide read only based on value of a field business logic component is the main object for that.
4. oracle.job.client.ELEnvInfoProvider and EL to resolve the connection have a bounded taskflow pass it in blog articles on this at groundside blog

Adf best practices:
1. Pageflow and Page templates always use them.
2.Extend base classes def base classes not needed too, good for logging and transaction times for BC components.
3. Always define facets for developer to add too.
4.Declarative components are nice to extend the functionality of a common reused components.
5. Example date component that is declarative then changing common date changed in one place because its declarative instead of the base component and changing the format in 90 places.
6. Always work with the grain of the framework. Going against the framework you will fail figure out how it is done.
7. Have to work with version control inside JDeveloper do to all the files that go with making one change.
8. 11.2.* does not have git support
9. Without maven check in shared libraries in approved repository of svn for different component developers to checkout and reference in their workspace.
10. ADFLogger runtime can be changed.
11. Always start with creating build structure and building of the modularizations and automate the building or you will FAIL .

Scale WCP
1. Big hit with numerous adf components on a page.
2. Jascript partitioning.
3. Multiple ADM take up database connection, adm does not release connection it has its own pool consider webservices with good SLA
4. Definitely need to tune webcenter portal out of box is no good.
5. Client_state_max_tokens lower
6.MDS cache needs to be increased usually purge MDS too.
7. CDN for adf http://www.ateam-oracle.com/cdn-support-in-adf-faces-11-1-1-6/
8. Oracle OATS for testing add

'My Take' Portal has to be more than a view in a browser has to evolve to a single pane that is contextual and device aware. The desktop is only one of many devices phone,tablets etc...(TV).

My own quick notes that I want to go back too.




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